Ofsted Report and SIAMs

Our school continues to have a "Good" rating with OFSTED, and an 'Excellent' rating with SIAMs.

Ofsted inspected our school in July 2018, in which school showed it had maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection and secured a 'Good' outcome. In particular, inspectors recognised that "the school is a welcoming and friendly place where pupils thrive." They found that "pupils enjoy their experiences at school and they are enthusiastic about their ‘fun’ teachers." Please see below for the full report.


Our SIAMs Church inspection took place in March 2019, where school received an 'excellent' outcome. It was evidenced that "all children flourish",  and recognised key developments as "fulfilling the school’s dedication to letting everyone’s light shine."  Inspectors concluded that "Laughton is a lively and happy school, promoting learning for all in a loving and Christ-like way." We are very proud of our outcome!

Laughton All Saints Ofsted Report July 2018

SIAMs Church School Inspection