PSHE and Personal Development is of high importance at Laughton All Saints’ and we believe that the investment that we make in children’s personal, social, emotional and mental development will help to create happy, well-rounded and successful individuals as they progress and move on in their educational journey and into adult life. Our curriculum offers children both discrete lessons on important topics such as healthy lifestyles, relationships and changes: we also provide wider learning opportunities throughout our curriculum on important topics such as financial education, British Values and road safety. Through our curriculum children are encouraged to have an inquisitive nature and question topics which are discussed sensitively and with care to the needs of our children. The aim of PSHE is that by the end of Key Stage 2 children will leave school equipped with critical knowledge to make informed decisions, to make valuable contributions in society and to understand the world in which they are about to enter.



  • To understand feelings of happiness, sadness and belonging.
  • To understand who is special to them.
  • To know what it means to be proud and the feelings associated with that.
  • To understand how everyone is unique.
  • To know what a challenge is.
  • To understand different jobs people have.
  • To know what the functions of the different body parts are and how to keep healthy.


In KS1:

  • To understand rights and responsibilities
  • To accept similarities and differences
  • To know what bullying means.
  • To know how germs can cause disease and how we can protect ourselves.
  • To know what is a good friendship.
  • To begin to understand the changes during the life cycle.

In LKS2:

  • To be able to recognise self-worth
  • To understand all families are different.
  • To understand conflict and resolution and the feelings that are attached to this.
  • To understand that they are responsible for their own success and learning.
  • To understand a variety of different drugs and their purpose.
  • To know How to keep themselves safe.

In UKS2:

  • To know the different roles in communities.
  • To know about having a voice in the community.
  • To understand assumptions people can have based upon appearance or how they act.
  • To understand all different types of bullying including cyber-bullying or physical bullying.
  • To understand the effects of different types of drugs and miss-use of drugs and alcohol on the body.
  • To understand different types of relationships and what a healthy relationship are.
  • To understand changing bodies and puberty.


Beyond classroom lessons children have the opportunity to participate in a variety of school led activities such as Head of House, School Council, Eco Committee, Play Leaders and Spiritual Council. Each of these roles provide children with the opportunity to have a voice and represent their peers with the adults in school. The children will often engage in meetings and public work such as meeting local councillors, running competitions or litter picking activities. These opportunities allow children to have real life experiences to further develop their personal, social and emotional skills.

As a school we frequently promote key themes throughout the school year such as Anti-bullying Week, Mental Health Week and Road Safety Week. The annual events allow for us to highlight important topics to not only children but all members of our school community.