Class 3

The team in Class 3 are Miss Sabin (Class teacher),  Miss Donnelly (HLTA) Miss Phillips and Miss Barlow (Teaching Assistants).


Our staff team in Class 3 have years of experience teaching Y3 and Y4s in school. We consider ourselves very blessed to grow our learners though their lower key stage 2 journey, helping them discover more about the world around them and broaden their experiences.  We are committed to providing your child with excellent lessons and a broad range of subjects and topics, holding the highest expectations for them. Our Limitless Lions embody what we believe; every child is capable of achieving success and there are no limits to what they accomplish!

 Miss Donnelly teaches Class 3 on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.

A Typical Day in Class 3:

8:40am - 8:55am:  Morning Job and Registration

9:00am - 9:15am: Collective Worship

9:15am - 10:15am: English

10:15am - 10:45am: Whole Class Reading

10:45am - 11:00am: Break

11:00am - 12:00pm: Maths

12:00pm - 1:00pm: Lunch

1:00pm - 1:15pm: Spelling

1:15pm - 1:30pm: Maths Arithmetic and Timestables

1:30pm - 3:00pm: Foundation Subjects

3:00pm - 3:15pm: Story-time

3:25pm: Home time

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Our Learning Journey

Science: In Science, children will be answering the question, 'What can magnets do?' We will look at push and pull forces, as well as gravity and friction. Children will create and carry out their own investigations, testing which materials are magnetic and how we can test for the strongest magnet. We will also discuss how magnets are used in real life.

Geography: Our topic is 'What is Europe like?' We will look at countries within Europe, focusing on Italy. This will support us later on in the year with our learning on Romans. We will learn about the major cities in Italy and discuss the cultures and traditions in their surrounding regions.

RE- This half-term, we have been learning about Hinduism and how celebrating Diwali might bring a sense of belonging to a Hindu child. We will learn about how Diwali is celebrating and the meaning of the Rama and Sita story. Children will also get the opportunity to carry out some Diwali crafts.

Art- We have started the year with an Art unit focusing on drawing. We will be learning about Leonardo Da Vinci, as well as focusing on proportions when drawing human figures.

PE- We have worked on our Fitness looking at strength, stamina and agility and how we can improve on all of these aspects to help us in sports and performance. We are also enjoying Tag Rugby and refining our footwork skills. 

English- Our book this half-term is 'Gorilla'. The children will learn how to punctuate direct speech and use expanded noun phrases to describe. At the end of the unit, the children will write their own story involving an animal of their choice!

PSHE- This term we will be looking "Being me in the World" and how we can work together towards shared goals. We will discuss how we can create a caring and welcoming classroom where everyone can succeed.

Computing- We are using Purple Mash to explore coding. The children will understand the basics of coding how significant clear and precise instructions are to a functioning algorithm. 


Our Learning Journey


History: Our topic this half term is The Roman Empire. We started our unit with a visit to Clifton Park Museum where we used our historical enquiry skills to examine artefacts. In our unit, we will be learning about why the Roman Empire was so successful and far-reaching. We will learn about the organisation of the Roman army, what Britain was like before the Roman invasion, Boudicca and what the Roman civilisation brought to Britain. 

RE- This half-term, we have been learning about Christmas and what it means to us. We will discuss whether we think Christmas has lost its true meaning and the religious and non-religious aspects of Christmas.

PE- In P.E, we are working on our Dance and Hockey skills. We have been enjoying creating dances based on the themes of machines and robots!

English- Our book this term is 'Winter's Child'. The children have been enjoying reading the story and picking up clues about the mysterious boy. We are going to create our own winter characters for our own versions of the story.

Maths - We have been consolidating our knowledge of addition and subtraction. We have learnt how to use formal written methods, as well as using inverse and estimating to check our strategies. We will then move onto multiplication and division. Children will be taught how to spot patterns and use arrays.

PSHE- This half term, we will be looking at 'Celebrating Difference'. We will discuss how we are all different and how we can celebrate our own unique qualities, as well as being understanding towards others.

Computing- We are using Purple Mash to explore internet safety and how to behave appropriately online.

French - We are learning about verbs.

Our Learning Journey


Geography- Our unit this term answers the question, ‘What is it like to live in a hazard zone?’ We will learn about volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis and how these are caused by the movement of tectonic plates. We will also learn about key case studies. 

RE- This half-term, we will learn about people of God and what it is like to follow God. We will learn about covenants  and pacts people like Noah and Moses made with God and discuss how Christians may keep promises with God.

PE- In P.E, we are looking forward to working with Rotherham United Community Trust, as well as improving our Gymnastics skills. P.E will take place on Mondays and Tuesdays.

English- Our book this term is ‘Stone Age Boy’. We will be learning about Historical Fiction and discussing how the story can teach about what it was like in the Stone Age. Children will be creating non-fiction writing, as well as their own historical story set in the Stone Age.

Maths - We have been consolidating our knowledge of multiplication and division. We are working on becoming more fluent with our times tables, before moving onto formal methods to multiply and divide two and three digit numbers.

PSHE- This half term, we will be looking at Goals and Dreams. Children will be learning the importance of team work and working together towards a shared goal, overcoming obstacles along the way.

Art - We are focusing on our painting skills. Children will be improving their colour mixing skills as well as learning about hues, tints and shades. Children will be painting an animal of their choice, using the skills they have learnt.

Computing- We are using Purple Mash to help improve our skills in touch typing and confidence when using computers to present our work.


Our Learning Journey

History- Our unit this term focuses on our Steel City, Sheffield. We will be learning about the Industrial Revolution and how the invention of machinery changed industry forever. We will learn how industrialisation brought many people to the cities and how this affected living conditions before learning about key individuals in the production of steel in Sheffield. Our class novel, Meet Me By The Steelmen, will focus on steelworks in Sheffield.

RE- This half-term, we will be learning about Easter and why Good Friday is called Good Friday. We will learn about how Christians celebrate Holy Week and when we have felt sadness, joy and hope. 

English- Last half term, we read the book, Stone Age Boy. In this unit, we wrote our own stories set in the Stone Age. We will be editing these and producing our final drafts. Afterwards, we will be learning about similes and metaphors in poetry.

Maths - We have been consolidating our knowledge of multiplication and division. Now, we are learning how to measure and use units of measurement. We are learning that some measurements are equivalent and we are trying hard to remember our key facts!

DT - This half term, we are focusing on food and healthy eating. Class 3 will be testing food, learning food preparation skills, designing salads, making them and evaluating them!

Computing- We are using Purple Mash to help improve our skills in touch typing and confidence when using computers to present our work.



Children will be given a homework book. Homework is sent out on a Tuesday and is handed in by Monday to be marked for the day after.  Homework menus are set every half-term and children choose which homework task they wish to complete. Those with 15 or more points at the end of the half-term, will receive a certificate. Children can hand their homework in by placing it in the homework box in the classroom.  

Spelling Zappers

As well as their class spellings, children enjoy learning the spellings on their Spelling Zappers. These are documents which children pass and move onto the next level. These tie in with the spelling rules needed in the Juniors and in some cases, they may repeat and consolidate spelling work done in their spelling group. Each child is given their first Spelling Zapper when they start the Juniors in Year 3. Every time your child spells each word correctly, a small ‘z’ is put in a corner of the square. When your child has practised each word four times correctly, you can carry out a final test of those words where you write a big ‘z’ across the word to show they are confident. When your child has all large Z’s on their Spelling Zapper, it is ready to be tested and placed in the folder in class. Miss Phillips will check the folder each week to see which children need testing.


Reading is considered as part of the children's homework and is one of the most important things they can be doing at home, even if they are a fluent reader. The children should be reading a minimum of 3 times a week and completing their reading diary after each read.  In their reading diaries it should be recorded the date, the page numbers, the book title and a brief comment of the book. We ask that even if parents haven't read with their child that they still actively monitor the diaries and can comment to the teachers if they wish. 

Children will always have two books from school. One is from their assessed book band which they should be reading and working through not only for fluency but for understanding. They may also have a library book of choice which they are picking for enjoyment. This may also be a book from home if they wish. This can be read for a bed time read or a quiet time read in school. When children read to an adult in school they will be asked to read with their Book Band Book so this should always return to school daily. 

Reading is monitored over the term and over the year and certificates are given out for Bronze readers, Silver and Gold based on how many reads they complete over the year. 

Bronze - 30 reads

Silver - 60 reads

Gold - 90 reads

Platinum - 120 reads

Additional reading homework maybe given out to link with a current class book or for reading for pleasure. 


Class Books 

In the Autumn 1 half-term, we read 'The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane'.


This half-term, we are reading 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe'.


P.E. lessons will take place on Monday and Tuesday afternoons. It is usually best if children bring their P.E. kit on a Monday and take it home on a Friday. Then, they are always prepared and have their kit if the P.E. sessions change. It would be helpful if long hair is already tied up or children have a bobble and earrings are taken out/plasters provided to cover them.  As we go into the colder months, children may wish to bring jogging bottoms and long sleeved tops if we have P.E. outside.

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