We have 3 Houses here at Laughton and every child in school belongs to a House. It maintains a sense of family and belonging, as well as creating feelings of community and working together. Children earn house points for their House and the older members will buddy up with younger members of the house.

Our Houses are:

St Leger




When the children join our school, they are allocated a House and they remain in the same house as they move through school.


When the children get to Class 4, they are invited to apply for the important role of Head of House. Each House has a few Heads who are responsible for their house and are role models for everyone in school. They are interviewed by some of the Senior Leaders of Laughton All Saints' in order to have the life experience of interviewing for a job, and to ensure equality for all children.


2023-2024 Heads of Houses:

St Leger: Bella and Fraye

Hatfeild:  Gracie, Izabel G and Franki-Rae

Sandbeck: Emeni Keeton and Annalise

+Thomas C