Our Vision and Values

                                           Laughton All Saints' C of E

                Aims, Vision and Values:

             Core Values: Have love, Have courage, Have respect

 At Laughton All Saints’, we believe in excellence every day in every way - letting our children’s 'individual lights' shine.

           Our Vision: 
  • At Laughton All Saints' C of E, we appreciate the individuality that each of our children brings and aim to celebrate every child, every day - encouraging them to 'Let your light shine' (Matthew 5 v 16).
  • By knowing each and every child in our small school, we provide bespoke challenges and aspirational opportunities to enable children to achieve their full potential, wherever their talents lie and regardless of starting points.
  • We want our children to engage in fun, inspiring and high-quality learning experiences and opportunities and show increasing independence and resilience when faced with challenges. As staff and leaders, we are passionate and committed to providing an excellent education for the children in our care and will strive in a persistent effort to have the highest expectations for all.  By developing children's cultural capital, we enable them to become positive role-models and confident and capable, future citizens, who have the courage to take risks, and change the world around them. 
  • Our inclusive ‘family feel’ culture gives us a strong sense of community and team work that allows the whole school community to grow, develop and nurture each other. A harmonious and nurturing environment gives our children the stability and opportunity to take risks in their learning within courageous classrooms. We encourage our pupils to have and show kindness and compassion for others, leading by example.
  • Respect plays a large part of school life. All members of our school community are taught how to develop a respect for themselves, other children and adults, their learning and the environment. 

         At Laughton All Saints' C of E, we:

            Have Love - show children that love permeates through all aspects of life.

            Have Courage - provide opportunities for children to take risks, develop confidence and resilience and have a 'voice.'

            Have Respect - show children that they are respected and give them the tools to enable them to have respect for                                                     themselves, others and the wider world.