Spiritual Council

At Laughton All Saints’, we are a Church school and our children want to help everyone feel loved for and cared for by God. We always work hard and ultimately we “let our light shine” in everything that we do in school. We promote a respect for different religions and faiths that exist in the world and we accept everyone regardless of religion or race.

The spiritual council consists of a wide range of children from both Key Stage One and Key Stage Two. Each child applied to become a member of the spiritual council by completing an application form. The spiritual council meets every half term with Miss Chapman to plan their next actions and reflect on the school’s spiritual journey.

The spiritual council is responsible for:

  • Planning and leading collective worship
  • Develop and enhancing spirituality throughout school
  • Reading and writing prayers in both Collective Worship and during services at church.
  • Choosing new hymns and songs to be used in Collective Worship
  • Observing and evaluating collective worship in school
  • Raising money for charities in the local area
  • Thinking and talking about the spirituality of our school and how it can be further improved.